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Merger & Acquisition

India is on a path of becoming the biggest economy globally. Infrastructural development, Industrial and Service sector growth, Quality Education and so on have resulted toward the growth of the Individual. Increasing disposable incomes and growing demands have cleared the success path for the Small & Medium Enterprises in India. Witnessing huge growth of SME, many Indians are now inspired to have their own business.

Following those aspirations, we at 3B Consulting & Franchising Solutions Private Limited, are focused on selling privately held Small and Middle Market businesses and running Franchises. Sellers and Franchise owners from different industries are on a look out for strategic investors for Management take over, Business take over, Equity funding for expansion, Partial stake sell off and other requirements. It creates huge opportunities for the probable business buyers or the new entrants to invest in a stable and tested business model.

Strategic and financial buyers are actively looking to acquire businesses that are performing well. 3B Consulting multi–channel marketing campaigns and strong presence among the probable investors mean you get to pick the best buyer with the best price and terms.

We continue to find high-quality strategic buyers for our sell-side clients. Strategic buyers often place the highest value on your company, We are able to find the greatest number of strategic buyers who will pay more because we research – identify and blindly contact all obvious known industry buyers and not-too-obvious, unknown, or related industry buyers and industry known and unknown buyers abroad. And once we identify and discreetly contact the right set of strategic buyers, 3B stays committed and works until our client receives the best fit and the best price for his company. We market your company directly to a high number of targeted buyers, with the proper confidentiality and secrecy controls in place. The marketplace for growing companies has never been stronger.

Getting you the best deal:

• Strong Management
• Profitability: Strong EBITDA
• Growth and Scalability
• Market demand for what you sell
• Attractive Industry
• Competition and Differentiation
• Strong Goodwill gets you premium

We work with the probable investors who can be New entrants, Existing business people who are looking for diversification, Same industry people looking for growth or expansion to get the them the right deal at right pricing. Getting the right Buyer involves Financial and Operational fitment analysis.

Advantages of Investing in Existing Business:-

• No gestation period
• Operations aligned
• Vendors aligned
• Existing Customer base
• Huge opportunities for expansion
• Tested business process

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